FusionRisk IFRS9 End User Training

Course title
FusionRisk IFRS9 End User Training


This course covers the path to becoming a Functional FusionRisk IFRS9 Finastra Certified Associate (FCA). This course is appropriate for Risk Managers and Risk Consultants.

Upon successful completion of the course, delegates will be able to:

-        reproduce the structure and components of FusionRisk ARC

-        list the main functionalities of FusionRisk ARC

-        understand when and how to use the MAPS collateral

-        run a Business Process Alignment workshop

-        understand the Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) FusionRisk Data Model

-        build a classification model

-        perform computations

-        recognize a loss allowance in IFRS9


  • A solid understanding of current risk management business practices and international regulations
  • A solid knowledge of IFRS9 key principles and their impact on financial institutions
  • MAPS Overview Certification

Course Agenda

FusionRisk ARC Functional Foundation

  • FusionRisk ARC MAPS
  • FusionRisk ARC User Interface Overview
  • FusionRisk ARC Data Integration
  • FusionRisk ARC Insight

FusionRisk IFRS9

  • Classification and Measurement
  • Impairment

What's included

The course includes presentations, participant guides and hands-on exercises. The exercises will be on live systems, through Finastra Academy Labs.

Delivery dates

This course will be offered as public training starting January 2018 in multiple Finastra offices (Singapore, New York, Dubai and London). If you require more information on course fees, delivery dates or delivery locations, please contact Finastra Academy at academy@finastra.com