MCI–Functional-FusionInvest Front Office

Course title
MCI–Functional-FusionInvest Front Office
3 days


• The MCI course will be ran over a 3 day course (2 day training and 1 day assessment).
• It will entail a review of the (self-study/workbook) material with the instructor with an emphasis on BPM’s used for MAPS and Misys Best Practices.
• After reviewing the course material and some of the MCA curricula, the student will be given a workbook scenario in which they will be asked to create a presentation in which they propose a solution to the problem scenario using MAPS and Misys Best Practices.
• The presentation will be made to a panel of SME delegates that will then judge based on pre-determined criteria, as to whether Implementation level knowledge of the product was proven during the presentation of the material. Delegates will be judged on presentation style or technique, but mainly on content knowledge.

Course Objectives:

• Onsite, instructor led
• Training course with 3 to 5 business scenarios that the partner can troubleshoot through to identify “best practices” for implementation


• Min. 1 year of FusionInvest exposure recommended
• Misys Certified Associate (MCA-F) Credential achieved
• Solid knowledge of the Investment Management business and practices
• Project Management Knowledge and Exposure

Additional Clause:

Candidates may qualify to be fast tracked into MCI by meeting the following criteria:
•Existing MCA in FusionInvest Front Office 7.1.3
•1500 hours of Misys project experience
•At least 2 Projects completed
•Reference (Written client, Misys Project Manager, Misys Practice manager reference or Competency Interview for this)

Course Agenda

• 2 days of workbook review
• 1 day of product presentation to delegates to award MCI

What's included

• Workbook
• Review PPT
• Student Presentation to Delegates
• Review MCA materials

Delivery dates

August 21st – August 23rd 2017