FusionInvest Toolkit Standard Training Track

Course title
FusionInvest Toolkit Standard Training Track
5 days


Goal: To introduce the FusionCapital Sophis/FusionInvest SDK structure and components with the objective of increasing confidence with systems integration and extended use of Sophis functionality.
Upon successful completion of the course, delegates will be able to:
• Sophis SDK and the basics
• Developments deployment
• Tools


Courses: Administration, Support and Core Services Architecture of FusionInvest (Recommended)
• Object Oriented Programming (C++ & C#)
• Oracle DBA, Oracle SQL/PLSQL
• Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 & 2010

Course Agenda

• Getting Started with SDK
• Instrument Data Model
• GUI Customization
• Reporting Management Customization
• iReporting
• Reconciliation Contribution Server

What's included

Course includes all training presentation materials, trainee workbooks and hands-on exercises. The exercises will be on live systems, through Misys Academy Labs.

Delivery dates

October 30th – November 3rd 2017