FusionFabric Connect Introduction

Course title
FusionFabric Connect Introduction
3 days


To enable users on FusionFabric Connect Introduction.

The course will be delivered in class.


  • General understanding of integration technologies: JSON, XML, REST, FTP, JMS, IBM MQ (high-level)

  • Basic familiarity with the Groovy language

  • Users are expected to provide their own laptop during the course. Windows OS is assumed. The laptop should have at least 8GB RAM and 2GB disk space available

Course Agenda

  • Welcome
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Installation of FFC
  • Creating custom FFC-based interfaces:
    a.  Core concepts
    b. An example
    c. Understanding Messages
    d. Data Mapping
    e. Message Routing
    f. Understanding Message Statuses
  • Monitoring & Managing FFC
  • Standard FFC usage patterns
    a. Working with integration technologies
    b. E.g. Databases, JMS, REST,Web Services, Files

Hands-on practice will be used throughout the course

What's included

This course includes all training presentation materials including with proposed hands-on exercises. Hands-on practice will be used throughout the course to ensure the attendees gain a practical understanding of FFC.

Participants will be able to practice on live systems, through Misys Academy Labs.

Delivery dates