Summit 5.7 Back Office Specialists Training Suite

Course title
Summit 5.7 Back Office Specialists Training Suite
10 days


This training suite of courses will enable you on key back office areas of FusionCapital Summit.

Each module contains demonstrations, explanations and hands on exercises

The suite can be delivered either in classroom or remotely.


General knowledge of back office operations and procedures is recommended.

Course Agenda

1. FT User Introduction
2. Static Data
   [Static Data] a. Fixed Income
   [Static Data] b. Market Risk Limits
3. Interest Rate Derivatives (OTC) Trade Entry
4. STP Overview
   [STP Overview] a. STP Flow Handling
   [STP Overview] b. STP Netting Processing
   [STP Overview] c. STP Trade Processing
3. Documentation Setup
   [Documentation Setup] a. STP Documentation Handling
4. Accounting Setup
  [Accounting Setup] a. Advanced Accounting
  [Accounting Setup] b. Accounting Hedge (FAS133)
  [Accounting Setup] c. Accounting MUST
5. [Trade Handling] a. Reporting
5. [Trade Handling] b. Rate Resets
5. [Trade Handling] c. Task Manager
5. [Trade Handling] d. Trade Life Cycle
5. [Trade Handling] e. Collateral Management
6. [IRD Trade] a. Customer and SSI
6. [IRD Trade] b. IRD Trade Entry

What's included

Course includes all training presentation materials, participant guides and hands-on exercises. The exercises will be on live systems, through Misys Academy Labs.

Delivery dates

October 9th – October 20th 2017