MCA – SDK FusionBanking Loan IQ

Course title
MCA – SDK FusionBanking Loan IQ
3 days


Course Objectives

  • The aim of this course is to give participants deep understanding of how Loan IQ SDK is positioned and what specific values can they derive from it. Two sessions are devoted to impart detailed working and explanation of specific benefits offered by Loan IQ SDK in various use cases.

  • The course will also aim to teach participants how to implement various extensions by making effective use of Loan SDK.

  • The course will also aim to teach participants how to design various extensions by making effective use of Loan IQ SDK. Approaches are introduced and issues are discussed that Solution Architects and Consultants face when designing various SDK Extensions to improve business processes and system integration.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Gain understanding of capabilities and benefits offered by SDK
  • How to employ SDK to their specific situations
  • Understand the investments (skills and time) they need to make, in order to realize the benefits of Loan IQ SDK
  • Develop SDK based extensions
  • Deploy SDK based extensions
  • Acquire best practices for working with the SDK
  • Take a high level view of various SDK extensions
  • Conceptualize and design the extensions
  • Implement and follow best practices when using SDK in team environment

Delivery Mechanism

This course is designed for instructor led classroom delivery only -- either at Client location or on Misys premises.


  • Loan IQ Core Business course
  • Basic functional knowledge of Loan IQ
  • Advanced technical knowledge of Loan IQ 
  • Advanced Knowledge of Loan IQ Data Model
  • Java Programming
  • JavaScript Programming
  • Knowledge of XML, XML Schema
  • LIQ Functional course
  • LIQ Technical course

Course Agenda

  • SDK Overview
  • SDK Use Cases
  • SDK Tools , Kits and Processes
  • Deep Dive on EVM, XQ
  • Validations and actions
  • Scripting, API and Batch
  • EVM and Inquiry API
  • Scripting
  • Best Practices (Object Model, Naming, Processes, etc.)
  • Designing solutions with SDK
  • Enriching Information
  • Increasing STP
  • SDLC and Loan IQ SDK
  • Using Loan IQ Shell

What's included

Course includes all training presentation materials, trainee workbooks and hands-on exercises. The exercises will be on live systems, through Misys Academy Labs.

Delivery dates

On-demand, bespoke training. Please click on Register/Contact Us or write to if you are interested.