Technical Course

Course title
Technical Course
15 days


This course is in place to provide complete comprehension of the installation of Fusion Banking Essence product.

This course is made up of 4 distinct modules which include 3 days FBE Installation, 2 days of Workbench, 4 days of Advanced Workbench and 1 day of SCV and Patch Roll Out.

By enrolling into this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand Fusion Banking Essence Installation processes
  • Use the workbench tool to design and define process artefacts
  • Install Single Customer View
  • Install software patches and upgrades

For our associated Partners, we can also offer students the opportunity to attain the Misys Certified Associate certification via the exam and assessment tool; delivered upon successful completion of the training.

This course can be delivered either remotely or classroom led.


Participants have been recommended to have around 3-4 years of experience or equivalent knowledge in development/implementation in banking/financial domain.

Course Agenda

  1. FBE Installation
  2. Workbench
  3. Advanced Workbench
  4. SCV and Patch

*For Partners only: MCA Certification - FBE Assessment

What's included

Course includes all training presentation materials, trainee workbooks and hands-on exercises. The exercises will be on live systems, through Misys Academy Labs.

Delivery dates

Essence Technical Rel 5.0              TBD

Advanced Workbench Rel 5.0          TBD