Certification Preparation Course

Course title
Certification Preparation Course
15 days


This course is in place to provide complete comprehension of the Fusion Banking Corporate Channels product.

This course is made up of 3 distinct modules which include 2 days functional product overview for Trade Services, 3 days functional product overview for Cash Portal and 10 days of Hands on technical training for FBCC SDK.

By enrolling into this program, participants will be able to:

  •  Perform product processing tasks on Trade Services in Misys Portal as a user at a client site

–      Explain how to create a new transaction in Misys Portal

–      Determine how to view, search, edit, and submit transactions

–      Explain how trade finance transactions are processed in Misys Portal 

  • Perform product processing tasks on Account and Cash Services in the Misys Portal as a user at a client site

–      Manage company accounts and transactions through the Misys Portal

–      Manage funds transfer and cash payments on the Misys Portal

  • Perform product processing tasks on Early Payment and Supply Chain Financing in Misys Portal as a user at the buyer or seller side or a user at the bank side

–      Explain how to set up counterparties such as buyer or seller

–      Explain step-by-step the Early Payment, Invoice Financing, Dealer Financing processing flows

–      Explain how to set up alerts for chosen milestones, such as due date for payment of invoice or repayment of a financed amount

  • Perform an installation of the FusionBanking Corporate Channels Portal application and customize the application

For our associated Partners, we can also offer students the opportunity to attain the Misys Certified Associate certification via the exam and assessment tool; delivered upon successful completion of the training.

This course can be delivered either remotely or classroom based.


  • Knowledge of Trade Services (AND)
    Knowledge on Java and WebApp Development


Course Agenda

The agenda for the course includes: 

FusionBanking Corporate Channels - Trade Portal Curriculum V5.4  (Functional)

  • Bank Administration and Bank System Features
  • Client Administration and Client System Features
  • Client Product Processing (Trade Services)
  • Bank Product Processing (Trade Services) 

FusionBanking Corporate Channels - Early Payment and Supply Chain Financing

FusionBanking Corporate Channels - Cash Portal Curriculum V5.4 (Functional)

  • Cash Services Functions
  • Funds Transfer
  • FT Inquiry
  • Remittance
  • Bulk Services
  • Account Services 

FusionBanking Corporate Channels Curriculum V5.4  (Technical)

  • Software Development and Release
  • Localisation
  • Portal Branding
  • User Management and Single Sign-on
  • Portal Interfaces
  • Portal Services
  • Additional Fields
  • Parameters
  • PDF Customisations
  • Product Customisations
  • Alert Maintenance

What's included

Course includes all training presentation materials, participant guides and hands-on exercises. The exercises will be on live systems, through Misys Academy Labs.

Delivery dates