Regulatory Compliance

Turn the ever increasing regulatory change into your competitive advantage

New and more complex regulations have overwhelmed the financial industry in recent years. Keeping up with these regulations has become an ever-increasing drain on both costs and resources. Regulatory compliance, however, also provides an opportunity to leverage the necessary investments and turn them into competitive advantage.

Misys understands the complexity that this often presents across the different business lines and is committed to offer a path to compliance that allows banks to become more efficient and make better business decisions. Our innovative technology is built to facilitate a transformation of existing infrastructure, and bridges silo’d systems with granular dashboards, speed and agility.

Find out how Misys solutions can help you turn new regulations into improved transparency and self-governance.

Transform your regulatory compliance pressures to improve self-governance

Alfa-Bank meets short-term regulatory demands and enhances business performance

Listen to Tatyana Kosareva who talks about her risk management challenges and how FusionRisk has helped her to address them across the banking and trading book.


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Regulatory Compliance Insights

Basel IV - is it poised to cripple an already struggling industry?

Since the finalisation of Basel III, which set higher capital buffers and demanded that banks hold higher-quality capital, the Basel Committee has continued to focus on different aspects of the de...

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Regulation: dealing with the burden

A pragmatic approach for banks facing a multitude of new regulatory frameworks, including Basel III, the Dodd-Frank Act and the European Market Infrastructure Regulation.

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Turning regulatory pressures into tangible returns: Managing the transformation of the banks’ growing treasury function

Since the financial crisis, bank treasuries have taken on a much more high-profile role at the centre of many banks’ operations. Denny Dewnarain and Arnaud Picut from Misys explain why this shift h...

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Regulatory compliance: the benefits of a horizontal approach

Find out how a new wave of regulation is highlighting the need for a fundamental change in attitudes.

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