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When it comes to risk-intelligent strategic planning, many top-level decision makers don’t have an integrated view of risk. The intelligence they need often resides in different locations, making it difficult to act on accurate and timely information. 

For many companies this presents a major challenge: disparate, fragmented systems do not easily lend themselves to creating a clear view of risk data. This is where FusionRisk Insight can add significant value, by supporting day-to-day operational oversight and assisting with long-term strategic planning. It enables Chief Risk Officers to track risk across the enterprise with customised key risk indicators, and to drill down to deal level within individual risk classes.

FusionRisk Insight provides centralised and up-to-date risk monitoring across the enterprise. From here, risk across trading and banking can be understood, analysed and optimised. 

Insight provides centralised and up-to-date risk monitoring. From here, risk can be understood, analysed and optimised.

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Misys FusionRisk provides responsive risk dashboards to ensure risk transparency at any level of the bank.

Pravat Dash

Head of Market Risk Management, Axis Bank

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