Balance Sheet Management

Develop faster risk reflexes

New rules under Basel III and a host of local regulations require banks to significantly increase capital and adhere to stringent new liquidity and funding mandates. 

Meeting these standards is putting big dents in banks’ return on equity making it harder to exceed cost of capital. And many banks have been using an incomplete map to guide their business. This renders them unable to optimise their balance sheet and forces a rethink about how to make risk and capital management capabilities robust enough to withstand today’s market volatility and further regulatory changes.

FusionRisk Balance Sheet Management is helping banks to bring the right knowledge to asset and liability management, fund transfer pricing and balance sheet liquidity. With more comprehensive and timely information, organisations can respond faster to mitigate risk in volatile markets. Balance Sheet Management also provides the framework for a continuous managerial “rhythm” to the set the right level of capital, with powerful analytics, processing and reporting.

Balance Sheet Management gives risk, capital and liquidity a central role in the planning cycle

Risk Management

FusionRisk Balance Sheet Management Software Overview

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As a small retail bank, Balance Sheet Management has allowed us to define a better global strategy

Jean-Christophe Plossignac

Cost Management, Financial Department, Bank SOCREDO

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