FusionRisk - Risk Management Software for Banks

Manage risk, liquidity and profitability from one integrated risk software solution

The flood of new regulations has been overwhelming in recent years, making risk management in banks more complex to manage than ever. Implementing compliant solutions within tight deadlines has often compromised risk visibility. FusionRisk is designed to eliminate the need for compromise: Misys FusionRisk helps you see risk by providing up-to-date risk figures, analysis and optimisation tools to key decision makers. Credit, market and liquidity risk management can be analysed from one place, and regulatory capital, liquidity coverage ratios and stress tests can be managed to alleviate regulatory pressures.

New credit processes introduced by IFRS 9 have caused banks to redefine risk performance, where credit risk and expected credit losses (ECL) and other capital ratios become valuable decision making aids by the originating front line business. FusionRisk accommodates these processes and supports the bank with pre-deal checks where needed.

With FusionRisk risk management software, banks can build their risk intelligence across the trading and banking books incrementally, using component-based tools that augment existing systems with innovative technology.

FusionRisk Software Overview

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If you can't see it, you can't manage it.

FusionRisk - If you can't see it, you can't manage it

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FusionRisk Overview

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Misys FusionRisk comprises five modules to fit individual needs

FusionRisk Regulation

Stay compliant with changing regulatory reporting

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FusionRisk Balance Sheet Management

Gain full control over your bank-wide risk exposures

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FusionRisk Advanced Measures

Add speed and sophistication to your trading operations

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FusionRisk Insight

Get a full top down view of risk across the business

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FusionRisk Limits

FusionRisk Limits provides a bank-wide solution that allows firms to profit from limits and exposures

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Misys FusionRisk provides responsive risk dashboards to ensure risk transparency at any level of the organization.

Pravat Dash

Head of Market Risk Management, Axis Bank

The solution has enabled us to draw a full circle between ALM, cost management, our commercial strategy and credit risk management. Being a small retail bank, it has allowed us to define a better global strategy

Jean-Christophe Plossignac

Cost Management, Financial Department, Banque Socredo

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