FusionCapital Detect 

Financial transactions are captured in multiple systems every second. Sometimes they include unfortunate mistakes. Small yet frequent, such mistakes generate lengthy investigations.

Spectacular “fat finger” errors can lead to decisions being made on the wrong profit and loss (P&L) information and the production of incorrect end-of-day reports.

FusionCapital Detect helps financial institution spot anomalies and unusual trading activity, leveraging machine learning to deliver more oversight and control, producing detailed reports to identify ways to streamline processes.

Built on 21st century technology, FusionCapital Detect comes with full flexibility, scalability and openness.

Accelerate trade validations, reduce exceptions and drive efficiency


FusionCapital Detect

FusionCapital Detect

T-0 trade validation achieved with machine learning

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AI stands to be a strong catalyst in transforming the landscape and Misys is making a smart move with FusionCapital Detect

Joséphine de Chazournes

Senior Analyst, Celent

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