SWIFTNet Service Bureau

Confidence in outsourced SWIFT connectivity

Managing transactions and accounts via your banks’ electronic banking services gets more complicated the more banks you work with. Accessing multiple systems with their own logins and navigation quirks is one issue, but switching or adding new banks if circumstances change is a real challenge.

FusionBanking SWIFTNet Service Bureau gives you a single interface with all your banks. Aimed at any organisation that wants  access to the SWIFT network, but that does not want to make the significant investment into its own SWIFTNet Gateway, the service costs significantly less than managing SWIFT access in-house. You will also benefit from our decades of experience as the largest non-bank SWIFT user.

A single interface to all your banking partners and the SWIFT network - without the in-house headaches or costs

Transaction Banking

FusionBanking CMS Software Overview

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