With an estimated value of $490bn predicted by 2020, crowdlending is a form of alternative financing that has, until now, been mostly provided by independent P2P providers. Misys FusionBanking CrowdLending allows banks to quickly access and disrupt the growing alternative lender market with a cloud-based crowdlending platform which can be deployed in a bank’s digital channels, and which is fully integrated with our FusionBanking Lending solutions for ongoing credit management and loan servicing.

Strict regulatory requirements and risk appetite have hindered banks from extending traditional loans for SMEs or to higher risk borrowers. With crowdlending, loans can be originated off balance sheet with the associated risk diversified amongst the crowd of investors. Open up new customer opportunities where you may previously have chosen not to lend and grow your lending business while helping to plug the SME funding gap.

By adding a crowdlending service into your overall credit lifecycle, you can expand your client base and move into new markets. Establishing relationships with small customers opens up new opportunities as they grow and require more complex lending requirements.

Misys FusionBanking CrowdLending overcomes the barriers to digital transformation in lending. Fragmented platforms and IT complexity need not be a barrier to delivering innovation and competitive lending products and services. With a cloud platform that is proven to integrate with existing bank loan servicing solutions, such as FusionBanking Loan IQ, banks can rapidly adopt a crowdlending solution, building on core strengths to conquer lending disruption with a proprietary, highly scalable and pre-packaged crowdlending platform.

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You have many choices when it comes to get into the “crowded” Peer to Peer lending space. Misys has created FusionBanking CrowdLending to simplify your journey and maximise your Return On Investment.

What is the real potential of crowdlending?

Therese Thorris, Senior Contributing Editor at Crowdfund Insider talks about the true potential of crowdlending and how it can support banks in growing their lending business

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