Connect and grow with all-in-one lending. Achieve ultimate efficiency with all lending lines unified and consolidated throughout the loan lifecycle

FusionBanking Lending puts outdated and disparate systems in the shade to bring unsurpassed coverage that meets the needs of today’s competitive lending market. Our all-in-one approach enables you to win on service, manage risk and reduce your costs. Only Misys is able to cover all aspects of lending, bringing you a common view of your business, connecting origination, loan servicing and risk management in a single integrated system.   

With a connected system we help you to grow your business, putting the focus on the customer - delivering the right data to the right people at the right time. With a 360 degree view, you can make the best lending decisions that ensure sales success.

FusionBanking Lending Solution Overview

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FusionBanking Lending is redefining the lending software world so you can focus on growing your lending business while taking control of risk and the full loan lifecycle.

Discover FusionBanking Lending - redefining the lending software world

Connect and grow with all-in-one lending. Achieve ultimate efficiency with all lending lines unified and consolidated throughout the loan lifecycle


Farm Credit Bank of Texas unifies its entire lending portfolio with All-in-One Lending

Discover CIO, Michael Elliot's plans to consolidate Farm Credit Bank of Texas' lending operations on a single, integrated system: FusionBanking Lending.

Johanna Pugh, Global Head of lending at Misys talks about 'All-in-One Lending'

Johanna Pugh, Global Head of Lending, Misys talks about what keeps lenders up at night and explains the 'All-in-One Lending' vision.

The future vision of The Lending Nirvana

Alex Kwiatkowski, Banking Strategist, Misys and Johanna Pugh, Global Head of Lending, Misys talk to Finextra about the future vision of Lending Nirvana.

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Having consolidated our operations by implementing Misys FusionBanking Loan IQ, we have reduced manual administration and ensured a quicker and more consistent processing experience across our global lending business.

Hans Krantz

Global Head of Structured Finance Operations IT, SEB

We estimate that we can boost efficiency for operations personnel between 20% to 50%, and free them up to focus on customer interaction and other value-add activities

Bank spokesperson

Misys is the only company that provides the full coverage we need in a single lending system. The integrated end-to-end system gives us an efficient workflow process minimising the need for re-keying of data, giving us maximum efficiency in our lending operations to keep costs low

Michael Elliott

CIO of Farm Credit Bank of Texas

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