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The Opportunity

Discover the sales potential of online and mobile channels.
And give your customers the experience they want.

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FusionBanking Essence Digital

Banking designed from the outside in. Better for your customers, better for business.

FusionBanking Essence is the future-proof banking software suite that’s designed with today’s customers in mind. It’s the most technologically advanced way to give your customers a consistent, relevant experience across online banking, mobile banking and personal finance management, all the while helping you strengthen customer relationships and drive growth.

Engage in your customers in a new way


Did you know 30% of millennials use more than four digital devices? They check their smartphones 43 times a day, yet only 1.1% of banks’ sales are made through the mobile channel. Take an outside-in approach to designing your mobile app – get rid of any friction and frustration, and incorporate FusionBanking Essence’s Personal Financial Management to create a better, richer user experience for your customers.

Online investments

Our integrated online investments solution builds on the idea that online banking should be intuitive, efficient and meaningful.

Consumers want their money to work hard for them, and that means looking at alternative forms of investment. There are plenty of third party and disrupter organisations offering online investment services, but consumers prefer the convenience of having all their financial business managed under one roof.


Online usage is increasing on every continent; there are more than 3 billion internet users in the world, and it’s growing by the second. Offering online banking will improve your customer’s experience and increase their satisfaction and trust.

Personal Finance Management (PFM)

At a time when banking is evolving away from personal contact and customers demand better control over their finances, Misys FusionBanking Essence PFM makes it possible to build stronger customer relationships in the digital world.


Playing games is always fun, winning brings excitement, and talking about it makes us social. By having a financial reward linked to all three of these things, you can harness gamification in your online banking to really engage your customers.

Mobile payments

Customer expectations for mobile and tablet banking are high and rising. Successful mobile banking should allow your customers to bank anytime, anywhere. Misys has extensive experience in the design and development of seamlessly integrated and secure mobile and tablet services that are easy to use.

Mobile wallet

Customers can keep track of their income and expenditure and use a variety of payment options including QR code and pay-to-phone payments. Public functionality is included to engage potential customers, while all users benefit from attractive visuals and easy-to-use payment methods.

Digital Sales

FusionBanking Essence Digital Sales is an innovative solution that caters to the requirements of today’s demanding digital users. Integrated with the Digital Channels’ omni-channel platform, it provides an efficient way to manage, execute and track marketing campaigns across all channels.

Use your insights on your customers to create new revenue streams by including relevant, targeted and personalised offers on all channels.

Experience Misys Digital

Customisable for the ultimate personalised customer experience, extendable for additional opportunities, innovative to help you compete, secure for peace of mind, fast to market and upgradeable for low TCO.

Flexiblity with the largest suite of digital modules available on the market and capability for integration with Misys Fusion Banking core banking platform or third parties.

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