Analyst Report: Killer fintech use cases for corporate banking - problems waiting for solutions

Only corporate banks that translate client demands into connected strategy will become the high-performance banks of tomorrow. This exclusive report by analyst house Aite Goup and Misys examines why banks must consider the business objectives of corporate clients as they embark on technology change in corporate and transaction banking. What is the relationship between fintech and the corporate treasurer’s needs?

How can banks bridge the gap between client operations and their financial requirements? What is really the role of blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data analytics for banks that want to be corporate-centric? This A-Z of corporate banking fintech use cases sheds light on the options for corporate bank CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and heads of business as they deliver on digital strategies that aim to put the corporate client at the centre of the corporate banking business model.


Find out more in the report:

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