Finastra in the Money 20/20 payments race

A cashless society will become a reality for six Money 20/20 Payments Race participants who dare to race from Sibos in Toronto to Money 20/20 in Las Vegas using only one method of payment for everything from their travel arrangements to lodging.

fintech race

Finastra is proud to sponsor Jordan “Dusty” Drew— a Fintech Finance filmmaker and photographer who will navigate multiple cross-country checkpoints using only a contactless payment ring.  As an avid traveler who has spent the last few years hiking mountains in California and wandering cities across Asia—we have our “contactless ring” on Jordan winning the race.  That said, he still faces stiff competition from challengers using Bitcoin, mobile, and gold to name a few.

Be sure to track Jordan’s adventure with #Money2020race, his daily vlogger updates on Finastra’s twitter feed, or follow @jordandustydrew on Instagram. All racer vlogs and blogs will be posted to the Fintech Finance page.

While a cashless society may not be imminent, new payments methods, powered by digitalization and next generation technology are no doubt changing today’s payments landscape.  Perhaps the breakthrough moment is just around the corner – or somewhere between Toronto and Las Vegas.

It all kicks off on October 19th at Sibos and will culminate on the main stage at Money 20/20 on October 22nd. 

Let the Money 20/20 Payments Race 2017 begin!