Connected Corporate Banking

In a new world where innovation and service differentiation are key to revenue growth and client stickiness in corporate banking how can you gain the power to predict, tailor, price and deliver the winning services corporate clients demand?

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Corporate clients demand more joined-up finance, risk, payment and working capital services, on an increasingly global scale. And they expect access to these services more quickly, at any time and with greater transparency than ever before. In this environment banks need to remember what they are really good and enable their core strengths – to add value to corporate clients. Across sales, client and product onboarding, product delivery, and service management corporate clients complain of inconsistency and varying levels of quality and service across different regions and products. With a joined up approach to corporate banking, shared services, a single client view and a connected, componentised technology landscape banks can invent a new front office for corporate banking. How will you maintain relevance, prevent loss of market share and provide more seamless experiences from channel to operations? How can commonality across products and pricing energise your sales process with the agility to innovate, win on service and deepen client relationships? Find out in our new solution insight. 

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