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Misys is transforming the global financial services industry by making clients more resilient, more efficient and more competitive. Misys connects systems, enabling our 2,000 customers in 130 countries to make the smartest business decisions and solve the most complex challenges.

Our broad range of financial software is unmatched; driving performance, growth and innovation for our customers. We help our clients to expand their business and make the impossible possible.

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Our mission

Our mission, put simply, is to connect the dots, giving our clients the global view of their operations and data. We innovate so our clients can seize opportunities as they arise.

Our open, integrated and modular solutions fit seamlessly into any existing infrastructure or can provide a new platform that will deliver value within months, and for years to come. The modularity and agility of our software means that it can adapt and change at the same pace as market conditions.

What if?

Misys gives its clients a bird’s eye view of financial risk across the trading and banking book, and the entire organisation: where a ‘what-if?’ analysis on a billion data points takes less than a second; where global exposure is known by country, by counterparty, by trade; and where credit, market and liquidity risk can be seen in one place.
This is risk management. Controlled.
This is Misys FusionRisk.


Misys delivers a ground-breaking software platform that leverages our clients’ existing investments in trading systems with no rip and replace: where organisations have a single view of their trading business and risk exposures, cross-asset and cross-business; and where it’s possible to price, trade, execute, analyse and add new components instantly.
This is capital markets. Made agile.
This is Misys FusionCapital.

One platform

Misys provides an integrated front- to back-office portfolio and risk management system: all on one platform, all on one database. Comprehensive cross-asset coverage; complete front- to back-office processing to reduce the lifecycle of a trade without compromise; out-of-the-box connectivity to third-party data and service providers; and customisation to specific requirements.
This is investment management. Simplified.
This is Misys FusionInvest.

Fully integrated

Misys provides the broadest, fully-integrated banking solution portfolio, allowing banks to embrace the needs of the customer: from branch to web to mobile and beyond. A single common platform for efficient, transparent and flexible bilateral lending operations; trade finance powered by consistent, global capabilities to grow revenue and reduce cost; and new levels of customer insight.
This is banking. Connected.
This is Misys FusionBanking.


In a world that can change in an instant, choose a partner that will help you make sense of today’s environment, and turn it into tomorrow’s opportunity.

A partner that will help you connect, innovate and expand.